Lets to celebrate football passion with the coolest camelthe whole desert, camel world cup 2022 is a cards collection, with our character and their crazy accessories, Connect with your favourite teams at the biggest sports party in the world, getting the statistics with 32 official NFT cards and building your winning groups with the 8 NFT Legendary Cards!

Camel World Cup 2022

It’s time to discover another level to enjoy your futball passion.
We present this unique NFT’s card series: Camel World Cup Collection 2022.

We try to show and highlight everything that represents a party that will be unique in history, the largest sporting event in the world in the desert.
Are you a football fan? it’s time to discover and get this unique NFT collection and acquire the card of your favourite team.

The protagonist is the most cool animal in the desert the Camel. Each NFT its was designed with accessories different as flags, hats, piercings, sunglasses and much more

Collection Cards

  • 40 commemoratives World cup NFT’s[ 32 official cards + 8 Legends Cards ]
  • 40 special World cup NFT’s[ 32 official cards + 8 Legends Cards ]
  • 40 promo World cup NFT’s videos[ 32 video + 8 video Legends Cards ]
  • 40 – 360˚ World cup NFT’S videos[ 32 / 360 cards + 8 / 360˚ Legends Cards ]
  • 10 World cup Group packs NFT’S[ 8 groups pack + 2 Legends groups pack ]

Creative team

We are freelance digital artists & graphic designers

Oscar Valenzuela

Porkino Design

3d & Visual effects artist

Santiago Camacho


Visual developer

Diego Camacho

Inverse paraniod

3d modeler & Graphic designer